Saturday, November 29, 2014

All the Wonder of November

Most people say that their favorite holiday is Christmas. While I wouldn't necessarily disagree-I do have a special place in my heart for Thanksgiving. I have always wanted to host and this year my dream finally came true because we have moved into a space big enough to have everyone over comfortably.

Three things that make the holiday special were in abundance: family, friends and food.

I couldn't have had a more grateful heart on that day. I had prayed for a special day with lots of laughter and God granted that request.

The sweet littles enjoyed having a table they could write all over:)

The sister and my brother in law. Who is now a pastor might I add:)

Hubs and I. Very very grateful for him doesn't even come close.

Little Miss and I.

I did not get one picture of my mama:( She is responsible for a lot of this wonderful spread.

Oh my. Our games were FUN!


They take these games SERIOUS.

Ping Pong fun for Jaquel and Season

Some sassiness. Just because.

There's not enough words to write about how grateful my heart is for all the wonderful things the Lord has done for us in 2014.

It was last year about this time that we started looking to serve. And not just once a year with a check. I mean really investing some time into people and making a difference all year long.

So having Marty, Damarius and Jaquel in our home on Thanksgiving was really just a beautiful reminder of how the Lord has grown us in that way this year.

I'm thankful for my husband and my children. I'm thankful for the kids little school. I'm thankful for their teachers and just the whole feeling of the Holy Spirit in that place. It warms my heart to think my babies are fortunate enough to see God's word lived out every day while they go to school.

Most of all though-I'm grateful for the work God is doing on me and in my character. I can never expect my family to grow if I'm not trying to stretch and grow myself. God really began dealing with my heart in September and putting my own self under the microscope. Finding things you don't really like about yourself is never easy to admit or to change. But I'm doing the best I can. And with God's help I will march into 2015 a better woman because of Him. I never want to quit letting Him work on me. I'm as good as dead if that ever happens.

Happy Thanksgiving yall! I hope this season finds you basking in the goodness of our Savior with a grateful and merry heart!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Holiday Beauties

It's been FRIGID cold here the last few days and it's kind of put me in the mood for all things cold/snowy/Christmas/winter-ish.

Today my littles were dressed in red and I remembered I hadn't posted these pics I took about two weeks ago. They take my breath away. I've already ordered 4 16x20's to hang in the hallway.

When I look at these pictures theres two mainstream train-of-thought's that come to mind.

1) We had just come back from Columbus Ohio where TL had a stent placed. He did NOT feel good and he let me know a lot about it in this shoot. Poor little guy. I took them for fro-yo afterwards just because.

2) One would not believe the lows I had to stoop to in the area of school age conversation to get those laughs. It may have involved a little or a whole lot of toilet talk. I'm just sayin'.

Those little inside jokes are treasures of mine that will last as long as I do. Oh how I love my littles.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Back in Blog Land...

Thankfully I've learned how to block some time for blogging lately. For that I'm really grateful, because capturing our memories is a passion of mine.

With that being said I present to you the beautiful mountains all around us and some fun adventures we've had hiking the trails recently.

The pictures at the top are at Laurel Falls and that was a family hike.

I had a lot of fun except for the top of the trail where there were various signs to the effect of. "please hold on to your children's hand as there have been multiple falling deaths that have occurred here."

The death grip I had from that point on was ferocious. Tanner said, "Mom you are yelling because you are scared."

That perceptive boy of mine.

Needless to say the lengthier much higher hike at the bottom was a group I was not a part of. It does look beautiful though and I have to admit that Mt. Leconte is now on my bucket list.

Just not while we have small children :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

An Epic Day In The Life of A Man Child

Folks, this happened.

And with that I think he earned his man card. Or at least part of it anyways.

Let me just tell you, there was joy overflowing on this chilly morning in October. My man and some of his friends (otherwise known as Ashley Noe and Kyle Gray) had prepped for this day since July. My sister had even visited the deer blind a time or two I hear. Said deer blind was set and READY in order for my eldest to have an awesome first time hunting adventure.

I've actually become a big fan of hunting/fishing/anything-outdoorsy-that-takes-more-than-an-hour since becoming a boy mom.

You know why?

Relationships. That's why.

Men don't gather in shopping malls. They don't sit around the breakfast table and talk about their feelings and they surely to goodness don't lunch like a bunch of ladies at Chik fil A.

But you give them a gun and a deer blind? They're good to go for DAYS. 

I'm a fan.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Little Hoarder

I look at those little freckles, that face, the light in her eyes and I am just overwhelmed at the beauty of my little girl.

She is unique and precious in so many ways. I am grateful to share life's adventures with her each day.

One little funny thing about Quinley's personality is that she is a hoarder. She likes her things and she likes to tuck them away in various places around the house. If you didn't know any better you might think that she grew up in the depression. (The reality is that this child actually was born during a recession. So I don't know. Maybe that has something to do with it.)

I first noticed this trait when we were living in the apartment. She began packing a suitcase, stuffing a suitcase actually, that stayed ready to go at all times.

Now after a few months have passed here in the house-I have begun to find Quinley's little collections. I discovered a drawer this week where she keeps her frozen dolls and some extra containers of play doh.

She still has the suitcase packed full of blankets, clothes, shoes and jewelry. She also has a luggage case from the American doll collection and has begun stuffing items in there with her Phoebe doll.

For instance, last week she wanted to buy some hair bands at Wal Mart and I was actually glad. We needed some and I was happy she reminded me, but when we got home I caught her hiding them in her Phoebe luggage!

The same thing happened with a shirt I bought her recently at Wal Mart (yes I go to W M a lot.) Smile. She brought the shirt home-didn't even remove the tags and just put it in her luggage.

I don't really know why my sweet little one has picked up this habit but it sure keeps us laughing and I thought it needed documenting.

Somewhere along the way she may change and be more like her mama who tends to throw everything away. Maybe not.

Regardless of how this personality trait develops I just want to remember that at four years old, Quinley liked her things. And she liked to hide them:)

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Since I last blogged we had a wonderful, eventful summer and I am so grateful.

We bought a house and moved. Tanner had surgery on his kidneys, turned six and started kindergarten.

That's a lot. I really hate that I haven't documented the year better-but to be honest I haven't found the time in my days to DO this blog. I am too busy BEING what God has called me to be in this season. Which is great and wonderful…..but I still just haven't figured out if I am going to be able to make time for this space regularly. My priorities are to live life full and well…..and document it if I can.

So with that being said….I present to you my KINDERGARTEN BOY.
(This is Day one…he had a mouth full of scrambled eggs in these pics.)

Little Miss didn't actually start Pre K 4 until a few days later but sister was READY for some pics on his first day too!

Ms. Foshie is a God sent blessing to our lives. When we went for his Kindergarten interview and the principal asked if we had a teacher preference I really, really wanted to request this older precious teacher I had heard so many great things about…..but I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to leave it alone-that He would place Tanner where he needed to be. Ms. Foshie wasn't even hired at the time. I'm sure that all of the teachers are wonderful-but I can not tell you how wonderful TL's personality fits with his beautiful teacher. She truly is bringing out the best in him and I could talk on and on about this but I'll stop now. Sometimes we just need to shut our mouths and let Him work :)

And here is Q and TL on the first day of Pre K 4.

Brother wanted a picture by himself.

Tanner starts school at 8 and Q at 8:30. She gets picked up at 2:30 and he at 3. I drink a lot of church coffee's these days. I don't mind. Actually, there's no place I'd rather be-second to home. I can feel the Holy Spirit in that place and grateful doesn't even  begin to touch how I feel about my kids getting to go to school there.

Until next time,

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why I was Born

I heard someone say once that there are two days in your life that are more important than all the rest.

The day you were born and the day you figure out why.

I vividly remember that statement because I thought it was a little harsh. I wondered if I would always wonder myself or if I would figure it out before I was too old to do something about it.

It wasn't long after that that I did. Or better yet, that Jesus Christ led my steps down a road in Mechanicsville that changed everything.

It all began last December.

We were on the hunt for a family to bless at Christmas time. We always do this and it is as much of a fun tradition for us as it is a blessing for another family.

The problem was that this year-we didn't find anybody. I know now that the Lord just wanted to stir our hearts to dig deeper. I have no doubt that there were plenty of families in need.

So we began looking for places that we could instead go and give a few hours of our time. I made a few phone calls and sent a few emails and we ended up at Water Angel Ministries.

God was teaching us that he didn't want our money. He wanted our time.

Boy, did he get that message across.

I really can't explain what happened the first time we came into WA. I am not a superstitious person and Tim would be even less than I. But we immediately felt at home.

We went there thinking we would go fold socks and get shoes ready for the Christmas service. We didn't have any plans of going back after that.

We still haven't left :)

You will find us there every Thursday and Sunday and I have to admit I'd like to be there every day in between. 

Last week the sermon was from Matthew chapter 9. Verse 36 says that When he saw the multitudes he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad as sheep having no shepherd.

The preacher kept on preaching but I honestly never heard anything past that verse. 

I now live to be an earthly shepherd, leading the way to the One. 

It's what I was made to do.